Big deal…so you've won more than 150 awards.

You bet it is.


Especially the ones for effectiveness.


For proven results.


Sure, we love it when our peers judge our creative approach as being "best of show.”

We love it even better when our clients and collaborators tell us: “Hey, that really worked!”

For instance, here’s what they’re saying...

"In today's technological world, just about anyone can 'shoot a video,' but it is a rare talent and visionary who can capture the passion that mobilizes an entire community to take on a disease as relentless as breast cancer. The Komen Philadelphia Affiliate—as well as the thousands of women depending on us—have been extremely fortunate to have found such a priceless treasure in David Rackow and the team at Rackow&Associates.  For nearly fifteen years, they have been transforming Komen events into memories that are cherished, experiences that instill courage, and messages that are preserved to help enrich the lives of future generations. Most notably, his Celebrate Life! documentaries have been THE most anticipated highlight of our annual survivors' luncheon—leaving not a dry eye in the house and every single heart full of hope and conviction that there will be an end to this disease. David is an inspiration both for his extraordinary artistry, as well as his tremendous dedication to empowering the reality of a world without breast cancer."

Elaine I. Grobman
Executive Director
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Philadelphia Affiliate

“I have been editing video productions with David for many years. He is one of the most thorough producer/directors I have ever worked with, in that he has a true creative vision for every project he works on, carrying his vision from start to finish, making sure every important detail, sound bite, and supporting visual is accounted for.  He has an amazing ability to create a powerful story that has always proven to be effective with the target audience. He's a brilliant producer, knows what he wants and what clients want as well.  At the time same, he is open-minded to suggestions and improvements based on constructive criticism from clients and/or editors like myself.  I highly recommend him for any creative project.”
Domingo Morales

Creative Director

Random Media Productions


“Having just received the final DVD of the latest copy of the Foundation video, I am excited and pleased with the results.  Working with David for many years I‘m not surprised at the level of creativity and quality of the finished product. After some conversation about our goals David always recognizes immediately what direction to take to bring about a beautifully produced video that tells our story. The selection of music blends in perfectly adding an up beat and joyful background accompaniment. The video is played at our annual fall fundraiser, which sets the tone for the evening and our guests leave knowing exactly why they were there and feeling good about their participation.  Throughout the year we use this video to inform corporate clients and individual donors about our work and accomplishments. David is the consummate professional and our working relationship has proven to be an easy one. He is a pleasure to work with in presenting our Child Care Foundation in the most favorable light. David you’re the best!”

Kay Lokoff                                                  

The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation

"I have worked with David for many years on a myriad of subjects, and no matter what I throw in his path…from political to non-profit groups to advertising, from TV/radio-videos to print…he nails it.

But above all the necessary talent and abilities he has displayed, the one I like the best is his ability to inject his sense of humor into an otherwise dull subject.  Working with David is a delight"

Susan Segal Bonavitacola
Former Special Assistant to Sen. Arlen Specter

Director of Government Affairs and Special Projects
KeystoneCare, Wyndmoor, Pa.

“My association with David goes back longer than either of us would probably like to believe.  Each time we’ve worked together, I’ve understood that Dave knows the value that the proper musical scoring can bring to his work.  As often as not, he’s already got something in his head by the time he’s even called.  (Usually it was good, too!)  Seriously, dealing with a writer/director who sees and hears a finished project is a rarity and in Dave’s case, a pleasure.  For me, he’s been able to articulate what he wants, which then translates into being able to deliver that promise to his clients as well.  That we would collaborate on so many different projects over the years has nothing to do with his enjoyment of San Diego’s Coastline, or with this native Pennsylvanian’s continued desire to get back for a real Philly Cheesesteak!  (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!)
And that’s why, my friend . . . . we ain’t done yet!”


Stan Beard, Composer-Creative Director      

Stan Beard Music, Solana Beach, CA

"Every so often there comes an opportunity to work with a creative individual. Every so often there comes an opportunity to work closely with an organized and logical individual. Rarely can one work closely with a talented professional whose demeanor allows for a refreshing candor as a project moves to fruition.

Yet I have been fortunate work with one person who possesses all these traits in my work in video and live event production. That person is Dave Rackow and he is one of a kind."

Fred Stein
Senior Producer

The Creative Group, Inc.



"For more than 20 years, Dave Rackow and I have worked together on literally dozens of film and video projects.  From television commercials to promotional, legal, fund-raising and trade show productions, Dave’s seemingly limitless creativity as a seasoned, versatile writer and director is well-matched by his tremendous attention to detail.  What is also apparent, having worked on so many projects with him, are his uncommon instincts and skills as he directs the editing of his work.  There is also an obvious, dogged determination to bring assignments in on time and on budget.  But maybe best of all, in our too-often stress-filled business, is the patience and sense of humor he brings to every project.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  With Rackow, you always get more!”  


John Bell


Janis Productions


“I can always count on David to make me cry. David Rackow has been the creative brilliance behind and technical director of an annual documentary that features breast cancer survivors. The documentary is presented each year in Philadelphia at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Survivors' Luncheon, and focuses on women who are battling this disease. In a room with over 1,000 survivors and guests, there isn't a dry eye. Beyond the emotion and artistic talent, however, David is the consummate professional,
I have also seen David's “Day in the Life” videos, which have been used by some of the top law firms in Philadelphia to achieve higher settlement results. Like his documentaries, these videos depict the lives of people who have suffered tremendous challenges. (David) bringing life to these people through his video artistry and tells a story that must be told. I would recommend David wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a creative and hardworking professional.”

Diane Danois, Esq.

Legal Strategies Services, LLC.

Coral Springs, Florida

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